Thursday, November 20, 2014


We again had so much fun with Prof. Ann (our crazy professor!!!)

Today she turned the game to a higher level by giving us cards with labels that supposedly describe who we are.

We were given four cards each and allowed to trade one card that each one of us felt did not fit your personality. We were asked to sit in groups of four prior designed for the final CPD2 group project in which we were tasked to share our strengths and weaknesses to find out how we fit together  given that we had to work together on a research project.

I don't think there was any room for dozing!!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Digitization was the module was amazing and very useful to me in teaching of digital preservation and microfilming.
Digitization process
Super scanner

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


A look at UNISA Library made me wonder when we and our Library will ever get to such a stage??? The architecture, technologies, generally the whole environment is actually intimidating but very beautiful!!!
UNISA LibraryResearch Commons
Library architecture
LeavingUNISA Library

After being in a class environment for so long, today you could see the excitement of being out in fresh air by the CPD2 group's stance.

Presentation on Digitation Project at UNISA

UNISA also digitizes some of the valuable information resources and later uploads them in its Repository accessible online to extend resources to the library's users scattered all over the world.

Presentation on Institutional Repository by UP CPD2 Facilitators

 Yesterday i started my lectures 8:30AM and had such a long day till 8:00PM having lectures on Open Access Repositories with Lecturers; 
  • Liezl Ball
  • Hettie Groenewald and;
  • Ansie Van der Westhuizen.
Open repositories metadata hands on was tough but in my own opinion,very vital.

Monday, November 17, 2014


Saturday's lecture with Professor Ann was an eyeopener! Hay, the whole brain model was a new concept that i had puzzled me when i filled in the HBDI prior to coming for CPD. She explained it so well that the whole class was completely convinced. My God, the professor is so full of life!!! and a little crazy as she sometimes jokes!

What amazed me most was my HBDI profile! What i knew about myself was that i am kind, emotional and loving person which puts me in the RED but finding out that i equally cut across all quadrants except going further into YELLOW when under stress??? that i still dont know!!! 

To be honest, i can never be bored with prof. Ann in class! She is so charismatic, funny, energetic and about all so intelligent. She speaks knowledge in a very funny way that makes it hard to forget. I am honored to have sat or may i say stood, danced e.t.c in class!!

This image is a reminder so that while i plan and work on group projects, i am reminded to no man is an island!

After the long week of studies and assignments that were still pending, CPD2 clan decided that work without play makes us dull.
As we drove to Imbizo, the look at the contrast between Pretoria homes and measurable accommodations in this place was so remarkable! It downed on me and i realized that the Great South Africa also still had a lot challenges like any other African countries. The gap between the very rich and very poor  is so huge that the current and future presidents may require the vision and wisdom of a man already long gone (Nelson Madella). Where he left off, i pray there is another that can at-least fit 3 quarters of his shoes!


 Aside from that shock, we had a fun evening at the busy corner. 

We ate and drunk, socialized and shared lots of experiences. 

We also danced for over for some time and we shared more bits and drinks! that was a memorable evening in South Africa and i hope that CPD organizers can incorporate a dance (be it traditional dance competitions from various countries and cultures and/or modern music) into dinners to make them more fun. 
I think sharing dances from a variety of cultures also learning aside from enhancing enjoyment of dinner parties. 

 This is where the assignment stress was shed off, real fun!!!

After the pork, meat, sour-sages, chicken and a lot of other delicacies that i had never tasted, we say goodbye.