Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Today we were introduced to information retrieval and literacy by Dr. Elica Cosijn and group. I deduced that information literacy is the ability to know when information is needed, find it, use it and evaluate not only the product but also the process.

The lecturers then focused on using online platforms for information retrieval such as Google, Bing and yahoo. Learning how to formulate search queries from simple to complex using Boolean logic featured. Here, i actually found my self lost in Google search jungle that i slowly begun to find my way around.

The aspect of Google translate also featured in today's lectures. This was actually fascinating to see how a paragraph of text in English could be translated in different languages and how each language replaces the original words using syn-names to still display the same meaning.

We did various kinds of searches;
- Image search
- Video search
- Sound and music search

We were also introduced to web directories and meta sites e.t.c
I especially enjoyed discussions that arose from the treasure hunts during the lectures. These stimulated new ideas through creative thinking and made the lectures more fruitful.

Though we had a long day and a take home assignment, everything made sense and hopefully i will be as efficient in delivering the same knowledge as today's lecturers were.

Monday, November 10, 2014


Today's lecture focused on various mobile technologies that i found not only very relevant to my work environment but also very fascinating. Among these, was use of mobile (smart) phones and other hand held devices with QR code software installed to enable instant access to information. 

The lectures focused on new strategies and tools that make access to information much faster and flexibly.
QR Codes
QR codes rapidly direct mobile devices to important information. One can scan an item's QR code to rapidly find pages of information or URLs.  

Google drive
The Google drive for mobile was also very enriching. I think these are going to be some of the strategies i want to implement in my work environment  mostly to enhance teaching and learning of LIS students.

Sunday, November 9, 2014


Since Monday 2nd November 2014, i have been introduced to various new ways of working with information some of which are actually so much fun. 

I came to understand that libraries are no longer just buildings with print books and a reading space. Among the new innovations in libraries we were introduced to was MakerSpace - a community-operated workspace where people with similar interests can meet, socialize, collaborate and come up with new and interesting ideas (innovations) using various technologies and share them. 

MakerSpace is a new innovation in libraries where a space is provided in the library with information technology infrastructure to enable innovative minds to come up with new inventions.

Check out this technology! This is used to create 3Ds from capturing a photograph of it and then using computer technology to model the exact artifact.

3D printer
Product from the above 3D printer

We were also introduced to Cloud services and storage as a research tool by Mr. Werner Van Wyk, Mrs. Erin Klazr and Dr. Marlene Holmner.

Among the common examples of cloud services, Amazon, One Drive, iCloud and Dropbox were mentioned. i am looking forward to using Dropbox though. I am optimistic that we are going to have a lot of fun doing this!!