Tuesday, November 4, 2014

First experience at CPD programme

A tour of UP Campus
At this point, we had already began getting to know colleagues from other countries and made friends.In picture is Eric, Kizito, Amina, Christine and Patrick from Uganda plus Zulu, Thandeka from SA, Abdu from Ghana and TW from Tanzania.
  Here, we were about to set off for the tour of UP Campus

I really like the campus environment, it is celine and very conducive for learning.

The first Day at UP
After the orientation, the Ugandan team began linking up, getting to know each other and enjoying the beautiful UP campus environment and just being excited about everything.

University of Pretoria Automated Gate System
 On Sunday, 1st November, 2014, we left the hotel heading to UP for orientation and reaching the gate the experience was the security system. Without the identification card, no entry into the University. Wow, in my country, security men at every entrance but here, technology works the magic, no bargaining and no delays.

Security system at UP Main Gate

With this system, each student/staff is provided with an ID Card that is swiped in that black interface to allow the owner entry into the university premises. Every entry gate has this kind of system.

At Otambo Airport, South Africa
 On Saturday 31st October, i set foot on South African Soil for the very first time. 

Getting off the plane at Johannesburg Air Port, it was drizzling a bit but the beauty of the land that greeting my eyes was so breathtaking that i felt a certain warmth all over my body.

I had heard so much about South Africa but all revolved around one man i had admired all my life, "Nelson Mandela" and now was so pleased to be landing on his motherland. At that point, all i looked forward to seeing aside from University of Pretoria which was my destination, was Mandela' s Township and the Museum in Soweto. I had already linked up with my fellow Ugandans at Entebbe Air Port before the freight took off so i had familiar company.

We are greeted by a very pleasant Shaffer and arrived safely at the Protea Manor tired but very excited to meet new people and learn so much about our profession. Ok now, i am excitedly looking forward to a lot of learning and fun!