Thursday, November 27, 2014


Thursday Night
Tonight to us CPD2 students was a night we will not forget in a very long time!! I doubt there is a single student that has closed his/her eyes. All rooms have an open door policy for even if you have never entered entered in a colleague's room before, tonight you had to if you cared enough to want the project accomplished. There were voices raised in the corridors earlier over members wanting to dominate in their groups, over others who were being elusive and not contributing to the project, others were simply not agreeing on anything, my God!!! i thought now is the time that Professor Ann should appear around here!

However, amidst all the commotion, disagreements and stuff, there seem to be one goal, to complete the final group project and i think the way things are going, it will be over by tomorrow morning. I guess the subject of emotional intelligence was actually eventually tested and understood tonight.

A visit to NLSA
After being in class whole morning, a visit to the national Library of South Africa was very much welcome. Reaching there, i was amazed at the beautiful infrastructure!!! The library has state of the art facilities! This library is well, a national library!!! Unlike UP library, this library actually still houses a lot print material. What  caught my utmost interest though was the digitization and preservation section.  

Very old records are digitized and this is the new look after the digitization process.
De-acidification Technologies


The technologies required for preserving paper based documents and records are available. The library has specialized personnel for handling preservation process especially where chemical application is required.

Virtual Research Environments (VREs)
Today was my last lecture of CPD2 programme. I would have loved that this lecture came much earlier on in the programme because it is very crucial to our work environments especially if we are to make a difference in our organizations but because it came at the end of the programme, the mind was tired due to worries of the un accomplished final project (paper) to be presented tomorrow.

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