Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Today we were introduced to information retrieval and literacy by Dr. Elica Cosijn and group. I deduced that information literacy is the ability to know when information is needed, find it, use it and evaluate not only the product but also the process.

The lecturers then focused on using online platforms for information retrieval such as Google, Bing and yahoo. Learning how to formulate search queries from simple to complex using Boolean logic featured. Here, i actually found my self lost in Google search jungle that i slowly begun to find my way around.

The aspect of Google translate also featured in today's lectures. This was actually fascinating to see how a paragraph of text in English could be translated in different languages and how each language replaces the original words using syn-names to still display the same meaning.

We did various kinds of searches;
- Image search
- Video search
- Sound and music search

We were also introduced to web directories and meta sites e.t.c
I especially enjoyed discussions that arose from the treasure hunts during the lectures. These stimulated new ideas through creative thinking and made the lectures more fruitful.

Though we had a long day and a take home assignment, everything made sense and hopefully i will be as efficient in delivering the same knowledge as today's lecturers were.

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