Sunday, November 30, 2014


Big Friday!
Finally, the day we had all been waiting for came and with tired faces headed into TSWELOPELE for the final presentations! After all the heated arguments and all, the presentations were better than expected. I was finally glad that we had put things together and were able to make our presentation. 

Subject: EmbeddedLibrarian
Christine  presenting
 Christine  presenting
Group 2 members upfront as Christine presents her part
Group2 presenting findings on the subject "The role of an Embedded Librarian in a Research Group".

I found the programme to be very rich and practical. Going through this very intense programme opens brains of librarians of this new era to start thinking outside the box.

I now understand that making an impact does not necessarily mean that one must be at the top. 

I however thought it was so much content for the specified time-frame. At some point i found my self overwhelmed but of course we did cope after all librarians have a special ability to confront bulk information.

I also suggest that the dinner arrangements for the incoming intakes include some cultural dances to share more fun and knowledge from a multitutde of African cultures (dancing competitions).

A big thank you to all CPD2 facilitators for the knowledge imparted. I have learned so much during CPD2 programme that i am looking forward to implementing in my work environment.

I am glad i met knew people, made friends and had a lot of fun moments despite the tight schedule. I also cannot forget to mention the educational and fun visits we had that were not only educative but were an enriching exposure.

Thursday, November 27, 2014


Thursday Night
Tonight to us CPD2 students was a night we will not forget in a very long time!! I doubt there is a single student that has closed his/her eyes. All rooms have an open door policy for even if you have never entered entered in a colleague's room before, tonight you had to if you cared enough to want the project accomplished. There were voices raised in the corridors earlier over members wanting to dominate in their groups, over others who were being elusive and not contributing to the project, others were simply not agreeing on anything, my God!!! i thought now is the time that Professor Ann should appear around here!

However, amidst all the commotion, disagreements and stuff, there seem to be one goal, to complete the final group project and i think the way things are going, it will be over by tomorrow morning. I guess the subject of emotional intelligence was actually eventually tested and understood tonight.

A visit to NLSA
After being in class whole morning, a visit to the national Library of South Africa was very much welcome. Reaching there, i was amazed at the beautiful infrastructure!!! The library has state of the art facilities! This library is well, a national library!!! Unlike UP library, this library actually still houses a lot print material. What  caught my utmost interest though was the digitization and preservation section.  

Very old records are digitized and this is the new look after the digitization process.
De-acidification Technologies


The technologies required for preserving paper based documents and records are available. The library has specialized personnel for handling preservation process especially where chemical application is required.

Virtual Research Environments (VREs)
Today was my last lecture of CPD2 programme. I would have loved that this lecture came much earlier on in the programme because it is very crucial to our work environments especially if we are to make a difference in our organizations but because it came at the end of the programme, the mind was tired due to worries of the un accomplished final project (paper) to be presented tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Open Access Publishing is one concept i never really gave any attention. When lecture started this morning and we were told to open Ms Word, in my heart i was like, Ms Word? What could be so special about it? And then it came, a few minutes later, i found myself swimming in confusion, not knowing what to do next and had to keep calling for guidance to get back on board. It sounds funny but true.

Who knew that something like designing documents with Ms Word could be very challenging? Though i began in confusion, later on i began to see the big picture and now it has actually become a little bit easier and so much fun!!!

Monday, November 24, 2014


Leadership is the ability and inspire people to achieve that vision. Its about having the right crew.

The four elements derived from the brain model are vital:
A - Blue Quadrant - KQ - knowledge
B - Green Quadrant - XQ - Execution
C - RQ - Red Quadrant - Relational

D - CQ - Yellow Quadrant - Conceptual
Competences of a good leader include; being visionary, ability to influence others, develop a competitive advantage, strategize and enhance team work.

Sunday, November 23, 2014


Friday CPD2 students spent the day at CSIR leaning about Research and data management with Dr. Martie Van Deventer and a group of guest speakers from CSIR and UNISA. It was a good interaction but the lectures were over packed to fit into a day which made it very hectic and impossible to process so much information in so much short time. Friday night dinner was a very good stress reliever. We were very much honored to have Dr.  Mbambo amidst us that evening. Her speech was very educative and a challenge to us librarians especially on issues of integrity, creativity and handwork. She mentioned that she was confident that the future of librarianship was in good hands. It is a rare mention from our bosses and that made me feel motivated to do the very best to make a positive influence and impact in my organization.

We were also pleased to spend some time with our lecturers and interact with them freely with out the tension and strictness of teacher student relations during study periods. Prof. Theo, soon to be Prof. Marlene, Ms. Joan and a few of other guests graced our dinner with the presence much appreciated.

And THEN, Saturday came!!! The most refreshing day i have so far had in South Africa.  It was not only educative, but fun too. 
Madiba's House

Madiba's Bed
Portrait of Madiba in his House
Visiting Madiba's 
original home brought fresh memories of the man i have held as my greatest hero of all time in African history. It was a dream come true for me to have stepped foot in this house.

Another remarkable feature seen on his visit was the gate to famous Lutu. I was able to get so close but could not be allowed in but ofcouse it felt good being so close to it for i had read so much about this man and South African history.

I however, had also been looking forward to visiting the museum and was a little disappointed that we are not able to go there. I guess i had better start planning my retirement savings now so that one day, i come back to Soweto for that, call it a self actualization need.. lol.. But then again, there were other beautiful features seen on this tour like the National Stadium, Man made mountain among others.

SA National Statium
Man made Mountain
Vilakazi street is where South Africa's most honoured man lived (his home is located on this street).

The man made mountain was another amazing feature seen on on tour. I was impressed with what man can do!

A visit to CSIR
Research data management was taught from CSIR by a team led by Dr. Martie Van Deventer. 

I am grateful to the presenters from UNISA for touching on the subject "Embedded Librarian in relation to research groups". I had been reading about the subject but the ideas were still blurred until it was a gain brought up during virtual Research Data Management Presentations.

It was also a good day despite being over-packed with presentations. Being in a different study environment all together made it feel different.

Thursday, November 20, 2014


We again had so much fun with Prof. Ann (our crazy professor!!!)

Today she turned the game to a higher level by giving us cards with labels that supposedly describe who we are.

We were given four cards each and allowed to trade one card that each one of us felt did not fit your personality. We were asked to sit in groups of four prior designed for the final CPD2 group project in which we were tasked to share our strengths and weaknesses to find out how we fit together  given that we had to work together on a research project.

I don't think there was any room for dozing!!!